Home Alone Pet Care & Services

We offer a broad spectrum of services for all our furry friends!


**Required for new customers.


The Initial Consultation allows you and the pet sitter and the pets to meet and get to know each other. We will go over day to day routine including but not limited to medication, feeding & watering, walking/play time, location of pet and cleaning supplies, house care (watering, mail, garbage etc...)


  • There is a $20 one time fee; if in the future we need to visit you again (for example, if the sitter has changed), there is no charge, unless your information has changed drastically (for example, new residence or pet) the charge is half-priced.



Our 30-Minute House Check-In includes watering garden/plants, rotating lights, mail/packages management, garbage detail, plus any other house care that you may need!





The best option for cats, rabbits, or any small pets (excluding dogs see below). Visit includes pet care such as feeding, basic medication, litter-box maintenance, playtime/interaction, house care (mail, light rotation etc..) over 30-45 minutes.



With this all dog-lovers can rest!  While this includes a 20-30 minute private walk we can also feed and perform other pet care or house care as needed (for example, basic pet medication or mail/package management).





Unique to Home Alone Pet Care our Overnight Visit is the ultimate pet care experience. Let us take the worry and stress from both you and your pet while you are away. The Overnight Visit mimics the pets day-to-day routine with multiple walks, play sessions, and snuggles over 15+ hours. This option ensures the least amount of stress is placed upon the pet in your absence!